The new rollerblades are sooo worth it! I feel like I'm cheating going to Bali with these, they are that comfortable. It's like they have a whole other range of gears allowing me to go much faster than before. Now I feel like a vehicle. Why not turn a hobby into transportation? It's funny how the body adapts to what we put it through. I'm not a good athlete, I never was. If I can do it then so many others can too. Start slow and work your way up. It feels so good when you arrive at your destination. You'll feel alive, you'll feel so high, you'll feel so powerful.I notice a huge difference in my mood when I rollerblade as apposed to driving my motorcycle around and hitting traffic. When I'm pumped full of adrenalin it's like nothing can get me down. And now with bigger wheels I feel like I can finally fly. 

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