I'm pretty muscly :-) But didn't realize all of the dangers involved in such an endeavor. Vehicles, Pollution, heat stroke, water poisoning (drinking too much water too replace sweat I loose but not replacing sodium lost), runner's diarrhea that never ends, low immunity due to exercise 4-5 hours every single day, rashes that occur from wearing clothes drenched with sweat.... confusion and decreased brain function, stress, lack of sleep, pot holes, mountainous roads, headaches, noise pollution, mild deafness in left ear, vision problems at night from headlights from oncoming cars and the reflection off my own cap light on the road, every time I get a new weird symptom I have to search in google... I'm learning so much but my brain is overloaded now.... Researching, Editing, writing, inline skating, coordinating, contemplating, analyzing, and spending lots of extra time on the toilet... And nobody...nobody.... nobody understands completely, and to explain requires energy... I have none left for thinking and explaining :-(

Hi, I watched the latest video clip of the 'ear escapade' - not good, sacha, should definitely have a medical professional looking at this. Whatever is in your ear, if it is pushed in further, could actually cause permanet damage to your hearing...so is it just hardened wax inside (putting a drop or two of mineral oil in your ear and then lying on that ear for awhile, might soften the hard wax and drain it out - that's what Bruce used to do). if it is other foreign matter, you need to see a doctor......
Who would have thought you would have to be worrrying about something like this on your journey......


Man the list never ends!!!

Keep pushing what your doing is great my best to you on your quest!!!!


Hi Sacha,

I am so so so proud of you! What an inspiration! I didn't realise you were skating and blogging. I will be sure to follow your adventures.

Be safe, have fun and to quote one of my favourite authors, Tim Sanders; "if not you, who?"



hi sasha, i love ur youtube, and i came to this blog. u have a wonderful soul. and i love u, ur personality, ur blog and ur channel to the bits. i know life can be stressful at times but don't give up your hope and dreams : )


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